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Name and Address:
Home and Building Consultant Services
60-72 Madison Street Suite 5F
Ridgewood, New York 11385
Fax: 718-386-4034
Phone: 917-771-4592

Business Description:
Assisting homeowners and landlords in the efficient operation and maintenance of building systems. Homeowners and landlords have different needs so we have created a separate page for each. Click on "Homeowners" and "Landlords" links at the bottom of the page to access.


1. Home/Building Mechanical Systems Inspection:
Provide on site inspection and troubleshooting of plumbing, heating, electrical, structure, etc. A written/oral report is provided and repair options discussed. Systems can be inspected individually (such as heating) or as a package tailored to your needs.

2. Coordinate Insurance Damage Claims:
Work with your insurance adjuster, builder or public adjuster to ensure your loss is restored to it's original condition. In most cases upgrading to modern and efficient systems is possible with no out of pocket expense to you. Our fee can come from the insurance check at the time the claim is paid.

3. Energy Conservation Services:
After inspection of your premises, alternatives to lowering operating expenses will be discussed. These will include a review of your current energy costs and suggested remedies to lowering them.

4. Maintenance Tutoring:
On site instruction is available if you desire to make repairs yourself or use building staff. Maintenance schedules can be drawn up to match your equipment. Theory is also taught on site using your equipment as basis for learning.

5. Remodeling/Renovation Aid:
Review all sketches and plans, guide you through the renovation process or assist in dealing with contractors should you decide to use professional workers. This service includes visits to the jobsite during the renovation.

6. Got a request or wish?
Pick up the phone and call to discuss your needs. We promise we won't limit you to three wishes!

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