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1. First Time Homeowners:
Moving into your first house can be an overwhelming experience if you don't have at least a basic working knowledge of how the mechanical systems in your house function. There are many good home repair shows on cable and network television that can help you learn how to make simple repairs. The problem with these shows are their limited time so they have to leave out many details. Secondly, if you are unfamiliar with the parts that make up a system, you can become confused when your dirty, rusty parts don't look exactly like those nice new clean ones on tv! I would recommend good home repair books loaded with photos plus the tv series shows along with familiarizing yourself with the systems in your own home.

We offer home repair tutoring in your own home on your own equipment. This can be tailored to your individual needs such as a basic overall review of how each system functions and the basic maintenance needed for each. If you need knowledge on only one particular system we can concentrate on that exclusively. Knowing your equipment can avoid many panic attacks when a problem arises. Even if you don't want to tackle the repair yourself, you can shut down or isolate a problem system until a service person can be reached. Knowing what you are talking about can help you avoid being taken advantage of by service personal who are less than honest.

2. Renovation Consulting:
Unfortunately, homes never seem to fit our individual needs or wants. We all have the option to either accept and adapt to what we have or we can choose to make it fit our needs. This is where renovation and remodeling come into play. If you are considering remodeling you can simply hire a general contractor to run the job from start to finish and your troubles are over.

If you decide to tackle some or all of the work yourself, you can avoid the common problems made by homeowners such as: Purchasing items that are not sized to your particular house, illegal connections and hook-ups that can create a fire/flood damage, etc. We offer renovation consulting that can include simple technical assistance for a project all the way up to dealing with contractors if you decide not to do the job yourself. These services include visits to the jobsite, review of plans, scheduling work crews, budget control, etc.

3. Repair Consulting:
If you are standing in 2 feet of water and the level is rising, it would be in your best interests to get the first contractor who will come and be happy that you were able to get one on short notice! However,most repairs are not so immediate in their nature. For these normal upgrades or repairs you should determine the most cost effective means of getting the job done. Contractors are a good source of info when you are in need of repairs, but they do have self interest in mind and you really can't blame them. We offer an alternative to your needs by providing a written/oral report after inspection of the system in question. We are not in the business of repair contracting and therefore work directly in your best interests. Repair options are discussed and the ultimate choice is left up to you.

4. Insurance Damage Claims:
This is a subject most people don't want to talk or think about. It is, however, a fact of life that damages to your home can result from fire, water, utility company problems, boiler explosions, etc. Insurance company reps can be less than generous to you in your loss. Settling a claim quickly and cheaply is in their best interests, not yours. An alternative is to contact us immediately after reporting the damage to your insurance company. We can assess the damage and suggest using licensed public adjusters on your behalf. Many times your damage can be upgraded to modern efficient equipment/styles using insurance monies wisely. Our fee comes from the insurance check with no out of pocket expense to you only after the claim is settled.

5. Energy Conservation:
Many homes are costly to operate because they were never "fine-tuned" by the original builders. A great majority of homes were built when energy costs were very cheap and the equipment used in them reflected that fact. There are many products on today's market that can make your home run extremely efficient and recover their cost quickly. Proper equipment setting adjustments are another example of energy waste control. We offer complete energy conservation consulting including written/oral reports after inspection of your property. Fees are based on size and equipment.

6. Selling Your Home:
Preparing a house properly for the real estate market requires a knowledge of what buyers, brokers, inspectors and banks look for in a good property. Sellers should do their part in cosmetically preparing the house to make it attractive. Once you have a potential buyer the house must be mechanically sound to pass all inspections and not slow up an otherwise speedy process. Problems that could have easily been corrected prior to putting the house on the market can lead to delays and loss of interest after they are discovered. We can help you prepare your home to pass all bank and home inspections.

7. Got a Question or Wish?:
Please feel free to contact us for any questions concerning the operation, maintenance or repair of your home. We will be happy to answer all your questions over the phone.

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