1. Landlords/Building Managers:
Landlords and building managers spend countless hours a week just dealing with leases, billing, filing, accounting, court appearances, etc. without the added burden of maintaining their properties. On-site building managers are probably the best method of controlling your maintenance costs, but they are an expensive solution. The salary and benefits that an experienced manager demands should be weighed against their actual need on a daily basis. Many large corporations are now using consultants and contractors to do the work previously performed by in-house employees. The reasoning behind it is that you are only paying for their services when they are actually needed, therefore reducing your fixed annual operating costs. We offer many services that relate to the real estate industry including building operation, employee training, systems troubleshooting, oral and written reports of equipment, energy conservation planning, renovation and equipment upgrade consulting, insurance damage claims and related services. Please take a minute to scroll down the page and read any articles you feel we may be able to help you with.

2. Renovation Consulting:
Many older buildings are presently being upgraded due to the increase in basic rent allowed under the MCI (Major Capital Improvement) program. Coordinating the different contractors and their workers can be a full-time job in itself and frequently requires devotion of a large part of your day. We offer renovation management services to relieve you of this burden and only bill you for the actual hours worked.

3. Maintenance and Repair Consulting:
Maintaining building systems can become a costly part of your monthly expenses as the building ages. Knowing exactly what the specific problem is can save thousands of dollars in wasted time and unnecessary repairs. We offer written and oral reports on individual building systems that highlight problem areas found and cost effective solutions. Maintenance training of your employees can increase the life of your equipment and this is another service we offer to owners/building managers.

4. Insurance Damage Claims:
Damage to your property due to fire, water, storm, utility failure, etc. requires quick coordination of insurance adjusters, contractors, employees and public adjusters to ensure minimal loss of income. We can respond immediately to your case and our fee can come from the insurance check after the claim is settled.

5. Energy Conservation:
Building operating costs depend largely on the efficient use of your existing equipment and fixtures. For example, a simple replacement of older general lighting fixtures with modern efficient units can immediately start to repay their cost and eventually save utility costs on a monthly basis. The larger the property, the greater the overall savings. Adjustment of building controls for various systems are another example of cost effective planning we offer. A written review of your individual building systems with recommendations are a service we provide to owners/building managers.

6. Got a Question?
Please feel free to contact us for any questions concerning the operation, maintenance or repair of your property. We will be happy to answer all your questions over the phone.

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